Enviromentally Concious

ADA Farm uses a data center in the UK which is powered purely by renewable energy.

The USA Data Center offsets its CO2 footprint when renewable energy isn’t available.

Green energy reduces the CO2 footprint of not just the data center, but the Cardano ecosystem as well. That is one of the major benefits over a power hungry Proof of Work system.

Cardano is many orders of magnitude less energy hungry than Bitcoin.

Cardano uses less power, is more efficient and more scalable

Annual donations

Smart contracts

When launched, ADA Farm will use a smart contract to donate 15% of the annual pool margin total to local charities which focus on giving back to the rural communities and looking after the environment for future generations to enjoy. (currently waiting on the charities accepting $ada to enable this)

The donations comes from the Stake Pool Operators rewards, not the delegators.

By donating local, it is easier to see the direct positive impact that it the donations make, thus driving interest and promoting the Cardano ecosystem to more people and organisations 

Year 1 (Mar & Aug 2021): Donation to Arran Trust, Arran Mountain Rescue Team and RNLI

Year 2 (Aug 2022): Donation to Arran Trust, Arran Mountain Rescue Team and RNLI

Year 3 (Aug 2023): Delegators can vote

Data Center energy & recycling

Energy Management

The data centre which ADA Farm uses has energy management systems which are regularly assessed by experts and are ISO 50001 certified.

Giving you peace of mind that the energy comsumed, and equipment used are as efficient as possible and when equipment is disposed of it is recycled properly.