Cardano Stakepool Performance 

Proven ability to mint blocks

Over time, the decentralisation parameter decreases

This means more blocks will be minted by stakepools like ADA Farm

As we move along the Cardano roadmap more and more transactions will be performed on the blockchain, resulting in a greater number of blocks to mint

ADA Farm

There are now two brilliant sites which have been created and offer an in depth view of pool performance along with rewards and awesome storyline, check them out:

Frequently Asked Questions

None yet!

Head on over to @ADAFarmio on twitter if you have any questions


There is a Hardfork on the 16th of December.

All of ADA Farm’s servers have been upgraded to version 1.24.2, there will be no interuption to rewards payments and delegators don’t need to take any action.

Glen / Ada Farm


Issue: 19/1/21 06:31am, alerted to missed block at 6am, worked out the issue was with recently rotated KES keys through CNTOOLs which was declared current KES period of 804 instead of 150 which led to the error:


New KES keys were issued manually by 10am which allowed the final assigned block of the epoch to be minted.


Issue: 8/12/20, missed one block due to a server time synchronisation issue caused by a “soft restart” of the server.

Resolution: Only use “Hard Restarts” on all servers, check Chrony sync status daily along with other checks. block minting resumed