Charity Donations

Each donation is split 3 ways to the chosen charities. individual donation amounts can be viewed below

Date Epochs Total Pool Fees 15% Donation Exchanged to
19:45 GMT 26/2/21 208-250 ₳9005 ₳1350.75 £1216.67
22:45 GMT 30/7/21 251-280 ₳12095 ₳1814 £1672.76
22:45 GMT 29/7/22 281-353 ₳25200



PENDING…[2/3 complete]


Lifetime donations ₳3164.75 £2889.43

donations will be made once a year, with the amount shared equally between the charities. I am hoping that the charities will begin to accept $ada directly to avoid the need to exchange it. 

The Arran Trust

The Arran Trust is the island’s visitor gifting scheme. The Trust funds projects which look after the beautiful landscapes and environment of Arran. With your help, the Trust can work alongside businesses and community groups to improve sustainable practices and aims to safeguard the future of this beautiful island. – 

Registered charity Number 392051
Charitable Trust SCO42312 


Arran Mountain Rescue Team

The team provides search and rescue cover for the hills and remote areas of the Isle of Arran. The team is made up of volunteers and depend of donations to support their efforts. In recent years they have been called upon for major incidents such as “Snow-mageddon” and are a vital part of the Arran Resilience  

Arran Mountain Rescue Team SCIO is a Registered Charity (SC004055)​


The Arran Lifeboat station has a B class Atlantic 75 lifeboat at Lamlash and covers the inshore waters around the coast of Arran. To ensure a coordinated rescue service, the station cooperates and trains with the Arran Mountain Rescue Team and the auxiliary Coastguards. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is registered charity in Scotland (SC037736)